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Future Earth National Committee for India launches in New Delhi

The inaugural meeting for the Future Earth National Committee for India was held at the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) on 25 July 2016, attended by all the members and Prof. S K Satheesh, Executive Director, South Asia Regional Hub of Future Earth.The Committee is hosted by INSA and chaired by Dr. K Krishnamoorthy, Distinguished Visiting Scientist of the Indian Institute of Science.

The Committee members consist of domain experts from a wide range of disciplines including health, energy, agriculture and food security, and bio-diversity, to reflect the highly multi-disciplinary nature of the Future Earth initiative.

The Committee summarized in the inaugural meeting the ongoing research activities in the country on various aspects of climate change and its environmental and societal impacts and reaffirmed the importance of facilitating trans-boundary studies by liaising with the academies of the neighbouring countries enabling the Future Earth regional hub framework for such research for generating and sharing knowledge of sustainable development of the region.

The list of the inaugural members of the Committee can be downloaded here.

Dr. Paul Shrivastava, Executive Director of Future Earth recently visited India and interacted with the National Committee Chairman and some of the members on 08 November 2016.


In the photo, from left: Dr. K. Krishnamoorthy, Chair of Future Earth National committee, Dr. E.N. Rajagopal, Director, National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast, Dr. K.J. Ramesh, Director General, India Meteorological Department, Dr. M. Rajeevan, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Dr. Paul Shrivastava, Executive Director of Future Earth, Dr. S.K. Satheesh, Executive Director of South Asia Regional Office, Dr. Parvinder Maini, Director, Ministry of Earth Sciences and Dr. M. Dileep Kumar, National Institute of Oceanography.