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Daniel Fischer

Associate Professor for Consumer Communication and Sustainability, Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands)

Daniel is an Associate Professor for Consumer Communication and Sustainability at the Strategic Communication Group (COM) at Wageningen University and Research and Co-Chair of the Communication Working Group of the KAN SSCP. Daniel's research explores how more sustainable ways of living and consuming can be facilitated through communication and learning. He uses inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to understand how consumption patterns evolve and change over time and in different cultural settings, and what role communication processes play in this. Daniel strong interest is in intervention research. In recent research projects he studied how innovative practices like mindfulness, storytelling, or citizen science can disrupt consumption routines and increase reflexivity in individuals. Daniel's work in Sustainable Consumption Communication aims, in an educational tradition, to empower people to re-shape their relationships with the consumer societies into which they have been born, encultured and socialized in the industrialized world.

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