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Fabien Riera

PhD in environmental economics with a specialization in sustainability sciences (LEMAR-UMR 6539 / AMURE-UMR 6308), Fabien Riera began his academic education with a bachelor’s in natural sciences (marine biology), followed by training in human and social sciences (bachelor’s in psychology, PhD in anthropology and economics). From this eclectic training with knowledges and methodologies that are sometimes very distant, he has carried out, through various professional (entrepreneurship, project manager, trainer in global education) and volunteer (intercultural exchanges, social support) experiences, a transdisciplinary synthesis that is both theoretical and practical. This experience has led him to participate as an independent researcher (F.A.R. View Conseil) within the European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM, Plouzané) in several projects concerning the sustainability of the shellfish sectors (Scallop, Cockles) as well as the resilience of an offshore wind farm project or aquaculture innovation.