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Per Olsson

Per Olsson leads the research stream on Resilience Science for Transformations at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. His current research focuses on agency and system entrepreneurship, social-ecological innovations, transformations to sustainability, and how to reverse current trends of crossing critical thresholds and tipping points in the Earth system. Recently, Per developed the concept of T-labs (Transformation labs), a new methodology for generating innovative approaches for re-wiring social-ecological systems. He is a transdisciplinary researcher and has worked in the interface of natural and social sciences and humanities and has been instrumental in developing the research fields of local ecological knowledge, adaptive co-management, and adaptive governance. His work has been published in a variety of natural and social science journals, including Science, Nature, Ecology and Society, PNAS, TREE, Ambio, Global Environmental Change, Environmental Management, and the Annual Review of the Environment and Resources. Olsson also works with change makers around the world to strengthen their capacities to achieve transformative change that helps humans and nature thrive together. This previously involved co-leading the Rockefeller Foundation Global Fellowship Program on Social Innovation and Resilience and currently involves serving as the director for the BALTICLEAD and the Transforming Change programs.

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