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Sahra Svensson-Hoglund

Virginia Tech

As an interdisciplinary Ph.D. Student and ICTAS Doctoral Scholar, Ms. Svensson-Höglund researches future states of a realized Circular Economy and how living and consuming in such a society impacts the well-being of individuals. Before becoming a PhD student, she spent several years researching various aspects of product repair, foremost from a policy perspective, but also looking at consumer behavior, the role of repair in resilience, and various systems-approaches to product repair as part of a Circular Economy. M. Svensson-Hoglund has consulting and project management experience from non-profits, public entities and businesses in China, Sweden, Cameroon and the United States in the fields of sustainable business strategies, energy management, supply chain management, and humanitarian aid. Previous employers include IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), and Connecticut Sustainable Business Council. Her Law Degree is from the University of Gothenburg and her BBA from University of Blekinge in Sweden.

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