The Future Earth National Committee for Japan launched in Tokyo on 15 September 2017. The committee works to tackle global challenges and enhance Future Earth’s efforts to foster a sustainable future in Japan and abroad.

To achieve this goal, the committee, in collaboration with the Science Council of Japan (SCJ), aims to:

  • promote transdisciplinary approaches to research by engaging a wide range of societal partners;
  • collaborate with societal partners in their efforts to realise the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; and
  • enhance Japan’s international contribution to sustainability by assisting the efforts of the Tokyo Global Hub and the Asia Regional Centre for Future Earth.

The Future Earth Japan National Committee includes a diverse range of members from outside academia, including policy-makers and representatives from industry and civil society. It supports networking among societal partners in Japan so that they can further implement transdisciplinary approaches to research.

The committee is the sixth national network for Future Earth in Asia and the Pacific. It works with members of the Future Earth community across the region to accelerate transformations to a sustainable and equitable world.


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