The Future Earth Asia Center is guiding the Science-Based Pathways for Sustainability Initiative in the Asian region by supporting bottom-up initiatives from Asian countries and linking them across countries.

Futures-Informed Knowledge-into-Action Innovations

The Future Earth Philippines Programme developed a project to produce SDG-oriented problem tree analysis frameworks through regional multi-stakeholder workshops in 2019. Knowledge-into-action scenarios and roadmaps were subsequently formulated by national scientists in a national workshop in February 2020. Building on these, in December 2020 the regional online workshops were conducted to share and explore problem-solving initiatives that can be undertaken at the national and local levels.


Scaling up to the regional level

The Asia Regional Center conducted a webinar in spring 2020 to introduce the Science-Based Pathways for Sustainability Initiative to the Asian network, with 20 participants representing Future Earth in Taipei, China, India, Philippines, Mongolia, Japan and Korea. Several participants showed high interest to engage in this initiative in their country/region. Among them, representatives from Korea and Mongolia joined the regional workshops in the Philippines to gain insights to lead the Pathways initiative in their respective countries.